Mark 12:13-27 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The God of the Living
Questions for Study 23

Mark 12:13-27
Memory Verse: 27


I. Give to God What is God's (13-17)

1. Who sent whom to Jesus? (13a) Why? (13b) What is their complement of Jesus? (14)

2. What is their main question? (14-15a) Why paying taxes to Caesar is such and important issue to the people of Israel?

3. What does Jesus discern about them? (15b) What does he ask them? (15c-16)

4. What does Jesus command them to do? (17) What does this mean?

II. The God of the Living (18-27)

5. Who are the Sadducees? (18) How are they different from the Pharisees? (Acts 23:6-8)

6. What is hypothetical situation of the woman? (19-23) What does this story tells about the inner life of Sadducees? (24)

7. What does Jesus teach about the life in heaven? (25) What does the story of God's appearing to Moses teach us about God? (26; Ex. 3:13-15)

8. What does Jesus teach them about God? (27) Why is this truth important to know?