Mark's Gospel Introduction by Stephen Ricker
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New Testament Writings

About the author, Mark.

Mark 15:51-52 > Many believe that Mark mentions himself in his gospel account. The young man mentioned running away when Jesus was arrested is believed to be Mark. He was certainly old enough. If this is true, than Mark was an eyewitness of Jesus life, death, and resurrection.

Acts 12:25 > Mark was in Jerusalem. After Herod's death, when Barnabas and Paul left Jerusalem. They took Mark. Mark is also referred to as John. Barnabas and Mark are believed to be related.

Acts 13:4 > Barnabas and Paul left for a missionary journey, bringing John (Mark) with them as a helper.

Acts 13:13 and 15:38 > John (Mark) left for Jerusalem in the middle of the missionary trip. They had been in Pamphylia.

Acts 15:30-40 > Mark's departure caused a disagreement between friends, Barnabas and Paul, when they were lead by the Spirit to go on another missionary trip. Barnabas wanted to bring Mark. Paul did. Barnabas and Mark went one way. Paul went another.

2 Timothy 4:11 > Later in Paul's journeys his opinion about Mark's earlier actions changed. Perhaps because Mark changed. Paul asked for him to come to him to help him in his missionary work.