1 Thessalonians 5:1-28 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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God's Will For You in Christ Jesus
Questions for Study 4

1 Thessalonians 5:1-28
Memory Verse: 16-18


I. The Day of the Lord (1-10)

1. Why is it unnecessary for Christians to speculate about times and dates of the Lord's coming? (1; Mark 13:32) How will the Lord come again? (2-3)

2. What is the best preparation for the coming of the Lord--the greatest event of human history? (4-6) Why does faith in Jesus' second coming have so many moral implications? (7-8)

3. What is God's purpose for his chosen people? (9) What price did God pay for our life? (10)

II. Live in Peace with Each Other (11-24)

4. How do Christians practice love toward each other? (11, 13a) What is the Christians attitude toward leaders among them? (12-13) In what ways should Christian leaders exercise their leadership? (12-13)

5. In what ways do the immature and undisciplined Christians need help? (14) How important is it to be forgiving and kind toward each other? (15)

6. What is God's will for all Christians that is always known in all situations? (16-18) How does Apostle Paul display his practice of this vital Christian way of life? (1:2,6; 2:13,19-20; 3:9)

7. How can Christians always maintain the spirit of joy, prayer and thanksgiving? (19-22)

III. May God Sanctify You (23-28)

8. What is Apostle Paul's prayer for Christians? (23) What is his faith? (24)

9. what personal request did Paul have? (25) What is a holy kiss? (26)

10. Who is this letter for? How is the grace of Jesus with us?