Ruth 2:1-23 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Lord be with You
Questions for Study 2

Ruth 2:1-23
Memory Verse: 4


I. Ruth Begins Work (2:1-7)

1. Who was Boaz? (1, 4) If someone is known as "a man of standing" does it mean that they are a man of God?

2. What fundamental problem did Ruth and Naomi have even though they were in Naomi's hometown? (2) Why might no one come to Naomi's aid and what does that say about the times? What system did God set up in Israel for such a situation? (Lev. 19:9-10) What can Christ followers learn? (Matt. 6:2-4; Gal. 2:10; Rom. 15:25-26)

3. Was her gleaning in Boaz field an accident? (3) How was her character revealed to Boaz? (7)

II. Boaz Show Kindness to Ruth (2:8-16)

4. What ways did Boaz show kindness to Ruth? (8-9) Why? (10-12) How might Ruth feel by this? (Matt. 5:14-16)

5. Was Boaz kindness a source of pride for Ruth? (13) Should Jesus' kindness be a source of pride to us? (Rom. 11:17-24)

6. How did Boaz continue in his kindness to Ruth? (14) Why might the men want to embarrass her? (15) How did Boaz ensure that she should no be embarrassed? (16)

III. Ruth Returns to Naomi (2:17-23)

7. Could Ruth be considered lazy? (17) How much did he harvest?

8. What did Naomi notice that perhaps Ruth didn't? (18-19)

9. What can we learn from Boaz? (20) What is a "kinsman-redeemer? (Lev. 25:25-28) How is Jesus our kinsman-redeemer? (Gal. 3:13-14; and 1 Peter 1:18-20; Isaiah 54:5, 59:20)

10. What did Ruth tell Naomi? (21) What advice did Naomi give? (22; Titus 2:3-5) How did Ruth respond? (23)