Job 11:1-20 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Zophar, Right and Yet Wrong
Questions for Study 5

Job 11:1-20
Key Verse: 11:5-6


I. What Did You Just Say? (1-4)

1. Read the entire chapter noting possible errors in Zophar's theology. Read 42:7-9. As we study this chapter consider how he is at fault.

2. Describe the spirit behind Bildad's response to Job's claims. (11:2-3) Did Job ever say "my beliefs are flawless" or "I am pure in your sight"? What does he imply by making these statements about Job?

3. Consider how Zophar's interaction with Job contrasts with James 5:13-16, James 1:26-27, Hebrews 10:23-25, and Ephesians 4:15.

II. If God Would Speak He Would Say... (5-20)

4. What does Zophar say he wishes for and then fulfills himself? (5) What does he mean by "God has even forgotten some of your sins"? (Ps. 103:10, Ezra 9:13, Lam. 3:22) What do we know to be true of all of a believer's sins? (1 Peter 2:24)

5. What is the point of verses 7-9? How does Zophar personalize the answers? Does Job believe this? What answer is supposed in verse 10? Does Job believe this? How does Zophar's two misplaced points reveal his heart?

6. What does he imply about Job in verse 11? Is Zophar's theology wrong? Is his conclusion about Job wrong? What does he imply about Job in verse 12? Is Zophar's theology wrong? Is his conclusion about Job wrong? How does Zophar show that a person can be right and yet wrong?

7. What is Zophar telling Job to do in verses 13-14? How does this counter with what Job has been saying all along? Why would Zophar insist on making this statement anyway?

8. What does Zophar say will happen if Job listens to him? (15-19) Is he correct?

9. What is his concluding remarks to Job? (20)

10. How should have Zophar treated Job? (Rom. 15:1, and 2 Corinthians 12:10)