Job 8:1-10:22 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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God's Defender
Questions for Study 4

Job 8:1-10:22
Key Verse: 9:33


I. Bildad Comes to God's Defence (8:1-22)

1. Describe the spirit behind Bildad's response to Job's claim of innocence. (8:2-3) What is the first point Bildad brings up as proof he is right? (8:4) (Remember Job's actions for his children?) What concerns Bildad more, Job or defending his own religious beliefs? How is he like the teachers of the law in Jesus' day? (Mark 12:38-40, Matt. 16:12)

2. What does he want Job to do? (8:5-7) What does he say will happen if he repents? Who does he say backs up his beliefs? (8:8-12)

3. What does he say will happen to those who forget God? (13) What examples from nature does he give as proof of his claims? (14-19) How does his concluding remarks resemble what Noah knew? (Gen. 6:9-14)

II. Job's New Questions (9:1-10:22)

4. To what does Job concede and to what does he oppose? (9:1-2) What desire does Job express in verse 3?

5. How does he illustrate God's power and sovereignty? (9:3-13) What else does he reveal about God? (11) In light of what he knows of God what does he conclude? (14)

6. What does Job claim again? (15, 20) What else does he believe about God? (16-18) What two attributes of God does Job state? (19)

7. How does he see mankind before God? (22) What is wrong with this view? (Rom. 3:23) How else does God use hardship? (Heb. 12:5-13)

8. What does Job know about his friends attitudes about him? (29-32) Who does Job seek? (33-35) Who fulfills this role? (1 Tim. 2:5-6)

9. In chapter 10 who does Job address? What questions does Job have for God? What is his concluding request to God? (20-22)