Esther 6:1-10:3 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Providence and Perseverance
Questions for Study 4

Esther 6:1-10:3
Memory Verse 6:12-13


I. Haman's Pride (6)

1. What did Haman's pride and racial hatred get him? What is the object lesson in that for you?

2. What did Mordecai's meekness, loyalty, and patience get him? What spiritual principle is involved? (Pro. 3:34)?

II. Esther's faith (7)

3. Evaluate the way Esther handled this situation. Would you have done it differently? How?

4. What can you learn from Esther about how to handle the situations (enemies) in your life that seem out to get you and yours?

5. What did she have going for her that you have going for you?

III. The Proposal (8)

6. Why couldn't Xerxes (Ahasurerus) just reverse the annihilation edict? (Is. 1:19, 3:10, 12:8-9)?

7. What situation, relationship, or personal problem in your life seems impossible to change? Is there a spiritual principle which can help you deal with the problem, even though you cannot change it?

IV. God's Deliverance (9-10)

8. Haman and many of his supporters who hated the Jews were from Amalekite roots. Their hatred was based on defeats at the hands of the Jews reported in Ex. 17:8-16 and 1 Samuel 15. Compare this defeat of the Amalekites with the other two. Why do the Jews seem intent this time to "take no prisoners" and "take no plunder"? What spiritual principle can you draw from this for your own life?

9. What event in your life has turned your sorrow into joy? How would it be appropriate to celebrate that event?

10. What enemy do you need relief from right now? How do you see God working for your good in that situation?