2 Thessalonians 2:13-3:18 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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That You Might Share in the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ
Questions for Study 2

2 Thessalonians 2:13-3:18
Memory Verse: 2:13


I. Stand Firm (2:13-17)

1. What is the most important choice everyone needs to make? (13) What are the two ways mentioned in verse 13 that we are saved? What is the "sanctifying work of the Spirit"? What are the truths to believe in?

2. When do all get to make the choice? (14) How is the preaching the gospel our first importance? What does it mean we will share in Jesus' glory? When will this happen?

3. What are we encouraged to do? What does this mean?

4. What has God done for us? What can be assured God will do for us in our every good deed and word? (17) What have you done with such a great promise?

II. Request for Prayer (3:1-5)

5. What is a prayer request that should be said to this very day? (3:1; Luke 10:2) What else should we pray concerning the messengers of the gospel? (2) What will happen when we pray to be delivered? (3)

6. How could Paul be confident in the Thessalonian future? What was his prayer topic in verse 5?

III. Earn the Bread You Eat (3:6-18)

7. What kind of brother were they commanded to keep away from? (6) Was Paul idle as he went from town to town preaching the gospel? (7) Was Paul a beggar, crying and complaining about his troubles and need for money? What did Paul do, even though it was hard labor?

8. Did Paul have a right to earn a living amongst the people he preached the gospel and truths of God to? (9a) Why did he know that he should use that right? (9b-10) What is a busybody?

9. Is being self-sufficient and doing the Lord's work tiring? (13) What should a self-sufficient believer do around someone who refused to work for a living and why? (14) With what attitude should we do so?

10. How did Paul conclude this and all his letters? (16-18) Why might he do that?