1 Peter 2:4-25 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Living Stone and His Chosen Nation
Questions for Study 2

1 Peter 2:4-25
Memory Verse: 2:13


I. The Living Stone and His Chosen Nation (2:4-12)

1. Comparing verse 4 with Jesus' words in Matthew 21:42-46, how did Peter grow to understand that Jesus was predicting that simple Jewish fisherman and Gentiles would accept the gospel? What can we learn about what it means to believe in Jesus? How does verse 5 add to this understanding?

2. What does "never be put to shame" mean? (6) What is the message the religious leaders in Jesus' day rejected and we must believe? (7-8) Why might Peter want to teach about stones? (Matt. 16:16-18)

3. What does the four descriptions in 9a mean? Why did God give us these status'? (9b) What should we always remember about our status? (10)

4. How are we aliens and strangers in the world? Who is our combatant in the spiritual war?

5. Regardless of what people say about our faith now, what will they say when Jesus comes? (12)

II. How to Use Our Freedom (2:13-24)

6. Are there any restrictions to submitting to authorities instituted by men? (13-14) Why should we? What does it mean to submit ourselves? Who establishes them and why?

7. What does God intend to do through us? (15)

8. What does it mean to be free in Christ? (16-17)

9. How can verses 18-20 be applied in our lives today? How is Jesus our example? (21-22) What does Jesus' example teach us about what to keep in mind when we suffer injustice? (23)

10. What did Jesus for us? What are the duties of a shepherd and how does this explain who Jesus is? What is the duties of an overseer and how does this explain who Jesus is? What can we then be sure about the outcome of our souls?