James 5:1-20 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Turn a Sinner From the Error of His Way
Questions for Study 5

James 5:1-20
Memory Verse: 20


I. Hoarding Wealth in the Last Days (5:1-6)

1. Why are the rich warned? What happens to our wealth, sometimes even before we die? (2-3a) When is the last days? (3b)

2. What should an employer always keep in mind? (4) What does a mind only concerned about this world consider? (5) What's the reality that they do not consider? How does this reveal their heart?

II. Untill the Lord's Coming (5:7-12)

3. How are true believers like farmers? When will we reap a harvest?

4. How are patience and faith linked? (8)

5. What else should we consider when considering the Lord's soon coming? (9)

6. Who is an example of patience and how was we a prophet? When having patient faith is hard what should we remember? (11b)

7. Why do people swear oaths and how is that wrong and foolish? (12)

III. If One of You (5:13-20)

8. How should emotions be directed towards God? (13)

9. What is the healthy attitude toward physical problems? (14) what is the meaning behind anointing with oil? (2 Cor. 1:21-22; and 1 John 2:27) Why would going to the elders and asking for anointing take faith and why does this please God? (15) 10. When we seek God why is confession of sins so important? (16) When did the incident with Elijah in verses 17-18 take place and how is it an inspiration? (1 Kings 18:16-46)

10. What does it mean to "wander from the truth"? When we see and/or hear of a fellow believer who has wondered how should we react? why? (20) What does "cover over a multitude of sins" considering that this is referring to a fellow believer?