James 3:1-18 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Teachers Will Be Judged More Strickly
Questions for Study 3

James 3:1-18
Memory Verse: 17


I. Tame the Tongue (3:1-12)

1. Though many can teach any subject what makes them a good teacher? Though many can teach any subject what makes them a good teacher? According to verse 1 will those in the family of God be judged all the same?

2. What does it mean "we all stumble in many ways" in regard to the fact that we will all be judged? Can anyone claim to be never at fault in what they say? Why should a teacher, who uses his tongue tongue be careful with their words?

3. What is common in the three allegories in verses 3 thru 5? Why do people boast and why can't a Bible teacher boast?

4. According to verse 6, what other effect can our words have? (Matt. 12:33-37) Since we can't tame the tongue is there any hope that it to be tamed? (7-8; Mark 10:27)

5. What does it mean to curse men and why is this wrong? (9-10)

6. How is the heart a water spring? Considering all these allegories, what must a good Bible teacher do? (John 15:1-4)

II. Wisdom (3:13-18)

7. Where does wisdom and understanding come from? (Deut. 4:5-8) How does this add to the understanding of verse 13?

8. Examine your heart before the Lord Jesus against verse 14. Where do you stand? How does the world view envy and selfish ambition? (15) what is the truth behind these? (16)

9. How can we know if words are wisdom from God? (17)

10. What is promised to peacemakers? How does Matthew 5:9 add to the truth about peacemakers?