Isaiah 9:1-10:4 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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To Us a Child is Born
Questions for Study 7

Isaiah 9:1-10:4
Memory Verse: 6


I. To Us a Child is Born (1-9)

1. Who do people in distress refer to? (1-2, 7:1-2; Luke 1:79) How did God humble the people in the land of Naphtali and Zebulun? (Gen. 30:7-8, 19-20, 49:13, 21; John 1:46) Do you recall any prominent leaders from these two tribes in the history of Israel?

2. How does God give hope and joy to the people living in darkness? (3-5; Matt. 4:12-17; Rom. 16:25-26)

3. How does God ultimately help his people? What are the 4 titles of the Son, Immanuel, and what does each mean? (6)

4. What will be the character of Immanuel's reign? (7a) How does he heal unbelief and fear? How can this be accomplished? (7b)

II. The Lord's Anger Against Israel (9:10-10:4)

5. What is the repeated phrase in verses 8-21? (12b, 17b, 21) What does the repetition of this phrase reveal about God's deep love for his rebellious people?

6. What was the people's attitude toward their broken walls and fig trees ruined by invasions? (10) Why did they refuse to admit defeat? (9; John 8:33) Why did God spur enemies on? (11)

7. What was the people's response to God's love? (13) How would God deal with godless political and religious leaders? Why did he call them "head" and "tail"? (14-16) Why can God not show pity even on the most helpless and vulnerable people? (17, 19)

8. What happens to individuals and society when people live ungodly lives? (9:18-21; 10:1-4) Does God abandon such godless people? (54:8, 55:3; 2 Sa. 7:14-15) What does he do and why? (Heb. 12:6)