Hebrews 7:1-8:13 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus and Melchizedek
Questions for Study 6

Hebrews 7:1-8:13
Memory Verses: 8:1


I. Melchizedek the Priest (7:1-10)

1. Who was Melchizedek and what did Abraham give him? What is the two meanings of his name? How then is he like Jesus?

2. Who was Levi? What was one of the things he was required to do? (5) How is the requirements of Levi like Melchizedek? How is it different? Who is greater, Melchizedek, Abraham, or Levi?

II. Jesus Like Melchizedek (7:11-28)

3. How was the Levitical order imperfect even though God gave it? (11, 18-19, 8:7) What happened when the priesthood changed from Levi to Jesus? (12)

4. Who is verse 13 about? What tribe is he from? (7:3) What tribe is Jesus from? What bases is Jesus a priest if not by birth? What is the power of indestructible life? How is this a better hope than the Levitical system offering? (18-19)

5. Who made the oath and what did it concern? How does this all relate to Jesus death? resurrection? What can Jesus do completely that the Levitical system could not? Why?

III. Jesus, High Priest of a New Covenant (8:1-13)

6. What has been the whole point being made? (1-2) Where is Jesus? What does he do there?

7. What was the tabernacle? How do we know it was special? Who was the only people allowed to serve there? What do they and the tabernacle represent? What does that tell us about the whole Levitical system and it's relevance to us? What promise would the wise man live by? (6)

8. What is a covenant? What fault did God find with the first one, the one the Levitical system was based on? (8-9)

9. Who is Judah? Who is Israel? What was the nature of the old covenant?

10. What is the new covenant found in Jesus? Who is "Israel after that time"? Where is the new law written? Who is our Lord and God? (John 20:28-29)