Hebrews 5:11-6:12 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Warning Against Falling Away
Questions for Study 4

Hebrews 5:11-6:12
Memory Verses: 6:11


I. Spiritual Food (5:11-14)

1. Why was it hard to explain things to the receivers of this letter? Why do you think they were like this? Where were they at spiritually because of this? By this time what should they have been? What did they need to be taught all over again? (12)

2. What is spiritual food? What two different kinds of food is mentioned here? What does this tell us about the differences of each?

3. What aren't spiritual infants, who can eat only spiritual milk, acquainted with? What does this mean?

4. What are the mature, who can eat spiritual solid food, able to do? How do they and us grow to be like this? What does this tell us about the quality of Bible study we should strive for if we want to grow to be spiritually mature?

II. Go on to Maturity (6:1-8)

5. What are the elementary teachings, spiritual milk, about Christ? (1,2) What do they mean? What does the author decide to do?

6. Who do "those" refer to in verse 4 and what did they receive? When do these things come to a person? What is impossible for them to do if they fall away? What does this mean? Why is this impossible? What does this mean and why does the author say this to the Hebrews?

7. What does "land" and "rain" symbolize in verses 7 and 8? What does "a crop" and "thorns and thistles" symbolize? What kind of land receives the blessing from God? What kind of people is this?

8. What kind of land is in danger of receiving a curse? What kind of people is this? What will happen to this kind of people if they remain like this to the end? How do these people relate to those in verses 4-6? How does this parable shed light on the meaning of verse 4-6?

III. Things that Accompany Salvation (6:9-12)

9. What is the author confident about concerning the Hebrews who received this letter? Why does he say that God is not unjust? What will God not forget? Why does he mentions this?

10. What does he want them to show and why? How long should they show it?

11. What does he not want them to do and why? What kind of people does he point out for them to imitate? (12) Why should they and us imitate them?