Hebrews 13:1-25 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever
Questions for Study 13

Hebrews 13:1-25
Memory Verses: 13:8


I. Love Each Other (1-6)

1. How did the previous chapter end? What exhortation does this chapter begin with? How are we to love one another?

2. What is the first example given on how to love? (2) What may be the possibility? How did Abraham experience this? How is waiting for someone to come to our houses countered? (3)

3. What does verse 4 mean? What is the source of contentment? Can money and possessions provide contentment? Who should we trust in?

II. Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever (7-25)

4. How are spiritual leaders to be examples? Do you know of an eider's faith in Jesus that you can use as an example and encouragement? How can Bible study add to the list of examples to follow?

5. What does it mean to our lives of faith that Jesus does not change? How does the study of the gospels help us understand who Jesus is? How should he affect the way we study the Old Testament?

6. What would "ceremonial foods" mean to a Hebrew? What strange teachings do you think the author was referring too? What is the true source of grace? (10) How does Jesus unchangeability reflect this?

7. Considering the whole letter, what city are we looking forward to?

8. What should our lips be always ready to do?

9. What does verse 17 say about spiritual order? What kind of life should leaders live? (17)