Hebrews 11:29-40 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Faith that Overcomes the World
Questions for Study 11

Hebrews 11:29-40
Memory Verses: 11:39


I. The Faith of the Exodus Generation (29-31)

1. What kind of faith did the people of Israel have? (Ex. 14:13-29) What was the fate of the Egyptians? Why did they have this result although they had attempted to cross the Red Sea?

2. What does their fate show us about the nature of the faith of the Israelites?

3. What was the choice of the Israelites before the impregnable walls of Jericho? (Josh. 6:11-17) With what conviction would the Israelites march around them? How was their faith vindicated?

4. Who was Rahab? (Josh. 2:1-24, James 2:25. Matt. 1:5) What was the cost of her faith? How was her faith rewarded?

II. The Faith that Won the Victory (32-40)

5. What are the common characteristics of the faith of the faithful men quoted in verse 32?

6. What are the three kinds of descriptions of explain about the faithful men? (33-37)

7. What does it mean by "administered justice"? Who does the author refer to? Who does the author refer to when he mentioned about those who shut the mouths of lions? (Daniel 6:17-22, and 1 Sam.17:34-37, and 1 Chron. 11:22, Judges 14:5-6)

8. Who is in the author's mind when he speaks of those who "quenched the fury of the flames"? (Daniel 3:23-27) How about the one who escaped the edge of the sword? (1 Kings 19:2) Why was their faith commendable?

9. How is their victory reveal the power of faith?

10. Describe the instances of the women who received their dead back to life. (1 King 17:17-24, and 2 Kings 4:18-37, Luke 7:11-14, Acts 9:36-41) Why did the author say "a better resurrection"? (35a) How did the faithful keep their faith even when they were not delivered from various kinds of physical sufferings?

11. Why were they worth more than the whole world? In what respect did they have everYthing although they lacked many things in the world?

12. Through this passage what do you learn about the superiority of their faith?