Genesis 16:1-16 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Hagar and Ishmael
Questions for Study 12

Genesis 16:1-16
Memory Verses: 16:11


I. Sarai's Idea (1-4)

1. How old was Abram when he set out from Haran? (12:4) How long had Abram been living in Canaan when Sarai sent Hagar to Abram to conceive Ishmael? (16:3) Why did Sarai and Abram think it was reasonable, and even God's will for Abram to take Hagar as a concubine? What was wrong with this?

II. The Result of Their Lack of Faith (5-6)

2. What problem arose in Abram's family after Hagar became pregnant? How did Abram and Sarai deal with this problem?

III. God Intercedes (7-16)

3. Why did Hagar flee and why did she return? What did she learn about God?

4. What was the spiritual weakness that led to Abram's family into this compromising situation? What can we learn about God who helped Abram?