1 Timothy 5:1-25 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Conduct Within the Congregation
Questions for Study 4

1 Timothy 5:1-25
Memory Verse: 17


I. Elders (5:1-2)

1. Why is rebuking an older man harshly unwise? How should we respect elder men? How should younger men be treated?

2. How should older women be treated? (2) How should younger women be treated? Where does the idea of the spiritual family come from? (Matt. 12:46-50)

II. Widows (5:3-16)

3. What was the social position of most widows in those days? Do all who ask for help really need it? Why might widows not need help from the congregation? (4) What should descendants always remember about their parents?

4. How does a widow who is left alone learn faith? (5) What is the truth about those who do not have faith? (6)

5. Who is open to blame and who blames in these verses? (7) What is the responsibility of the physical family?

6. On what basis should a congregation constitute a women as an elderly widow? (9-10) What should younger widows consider? (11) What is the "first pledge"? What trap could a young widow fall into? (13-15) How can other women help this from happening?

III. Those Who Direct the Affairs of the Church (5:17-25)

7. On what basis should older men be respected? (17) Why? (18)

8. Why should accusations against an elder be backed up with fact? (19) If the accusation is found true what must happen and why? (20; Rev. 2:14-16) Why might other elders be tempted not to make their fellow elder's sin public?

9. What is a constant temptation to ministers? (21) What does it mean to lay hands on someone? (22) Why might a minister be tempted to be hasty to do this? How does verses 24-25 make such decisions easier?

10. What is Paul advising Timothy in verse 23? How can this be applied to our lives today?