1 Timothy 2:1-3:16 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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One Mediator Between God and Men
Questions for Study 2

1 Timothy 2:1-3:16
Memory Verse: 5


I. The Man Jesus Christ (2:1-15)

1. How are we to pray for others? (1) Should there be reason to exclude anyone from our prayers? Who does Paul especially point out that we should pray for? (2) What should be the subject of our prayer for these people? Why? (3) What is the desire of God's heart for all, even those in authority? (4)

2. What does it mean that Jesus is the only mediator between God and men? (5) What did Jesus do as mediator? Why is a ransom given? (Job 33:23-28)

3. What was Paul's commission? (7) What did Paul desire of the men preached to? (8) What did Paul desire of the women he preached to? (9-10)

4. What is the meaning behind the instruction in verse 11? And verse 12? Why? (13-14) What then was Adam's sin? (Genesis 3:6, 17a) What does childbearing have to do with faith, love and holiness? What is propriety?

III. Overseers and Deacons (3:1-16)

5. What is an overseer and why is this a noble task? (1) Why do some leaders stay away from teaching about overseers? (Luke 22:25; Phil. 1:17; 2 Tim. 3:6-9) What are some of the first listed requirements to be an overseer? (2) What are some more listed in verse 3? What kind of family life must he lead? (4)

6. What will happen if a recent member to a congregation is appointed an elder? (6) How is an elder to live a balanced life, in and out of the congregation? (7)

7. How are the duties of deacons different than the duties of an elder? (8) What kind of life should a deacon live?

8. What are the deep truths mentioned in verse 9? How might a person be tested if he is to be a deacon? (10)

9. Why must a deacon be married and how is their wives to live? (11) Their children? (12)

10. Whether as a deacon, an overseer, or however serving what do they gain? (13) How do we benefit from these instructions? (14-15) What is the great truth and meaning behind verse 16? What is the glory mentioned in this verse?