John 17:1-26 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus' High Priestly Prayer
Questions for Study 22

John 17:1-26
Key Verse: 17:1


I. Jesus' High Priestly Prayer (1-5)

1. To what time was Jesus referring when he said, "Father, the time has come..."? (John 1:29) What was his personal prayer request? (1, 5) What was his life purpose? (Lk. 22:42-46; Jn. 12:27, 28) What should be each person's life purpose? (Ro. 11:36, and 1 Cor. 10:31)

2. How did Jesus render glory to God while he was on earth? (4) In what respect did Jesus' death on the cross glorify God? (Heb. 5:8; Ro. 5:8) How would God glorify Jesus?

3. What authority did God give Jesus? (2) What is eternal life? (3) What does it mean to know God and to know Jesus whom he sent?

II. Jesus Prays for His Disciples (6-19)

4. Read verse 6-8. How did Jesus bring people to know God and to know himself? (3-4, 6-7; 16:30-31) What did Jesus want to teach his disciples? What can we learn here about the importance of Bible study?

5. Read verses 9-16. Why did Jesus pray for his disciples? what were his prayer topics for them? From what was Jesus asking God to protect his disciple? What does this suggest about Satan's work and God's work?

6. Read verses 17-19. Why must Jesus' disciples be sanctified? (What does this mean?) Why "by the truth"? What does verse 18 mean?

7. Why did Jesus sanctify himself? How did Jesus sanctify himself?

III. Jesus Prays for All Believers (20-26)

8. What are Jesus' two main prayer topics for those who would believe through his disciples' message? What does it mean that all believers become one? What is the result when all believers truly love one another?

9. Read verse 24. What does this second prayer topic mean? What is the best blessing Jesus wants his followers to have? What hope does this prayer plant in believers?