Hosea 4:1-6:3 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Questions for Study 3

Hosea 4:1-6:3
Memory Verse: 4:1


I. The General Charge (4:1-3)

1. What was the charge in this legal divorce case against Israel? (1) How does verse 2 expound on the case? (Exo. 19:4-8) Did their unfaithfulness only affect them? (3)

II. Exchanging Glory for Disgrace (4:4-19)

2. How did lack of Bible knowledge destroy them? (4-6a) What was the result? (6b) What did they exchange their Glory for? (7-8; Rom. 1:21-32)

3. Will God show favoritism in judgment? (9; Rom. 2:5-11) Is the punishment for sin only in the future? (10-11) What becomes clear about fallen man? (Rom. 3:19-20, 23)

4. What was the result of idol worship? (12-13) What do people without understanding do? (14) How contagious is sin? (15)

5. What was their heart condition? (16) What will be the result? (19) What can be learned about spiritual backsliding and laziness?

III. Judgement Against Israel (5:1-15)

6. What does "a snare at Mizpah, a net spread out on Tabor" mean? Did their actions go unnoticed? (2-3) How do people misunderstand when the Lord is slow to punish?

7. Why might the Lord withdraw himself from them? (4-7)

8. Why sould the trumpet? (8-9, 11-12) What does it mean to move boundary stones?

9. What foolish thing did Ephraim do? (13; 2 Kings 15:17-20, 17:3-6) What was promised? What is the Lord waiting for? (15)

IV. Return to the Lord (6:1-3)

10. What will eventually happen to Ephraim? When? Will Jesus come to those who call on him? (3)