Galatians 2:1-21 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Task of Preaching the Gospel
Questions for Study 2

Galatians 2:1-21
Memory Verse: 8


I. Controversial Mission (1-10)

1. How long was it before Paul went to Jerusalem again? (1) What three reasons did he give for going there? (2) Why privately? What does "seemed to be leaders" imply to what was happening in the Jerusalem church?

2. What is interesting in the phrase "compelled to be circumcised"? What kind of brothers were among them and what they doing? (4) What does it mean "that the truth of the gospel might remain in you"?

3. What was impressive about the false brothers? (6) What really matters (7-8) What did James, Peter, John and Paul recognize? (9) While preaching the gospel what was Paul also asked to do?

II. Paul Opposes Peter (11-16)

4. Later, why did Paul oppose Peter? (11) Why did Peter draw back from eating with Gentiles? (12) What was the "circumcision group"? Why would they believe that Jews should not eat with Gentiles? (Matt. 9:10-11, 11:18-19; Jer. 16:8; Ez. 11:12)

5. How can a few false brothers affect even mature true bothers? (13) What can we learn? (Acts 20:29-31)

6. How did Paul get involve when he saw that the truth was being undermined? (14) What is the truth of faith in Jesus? (15-16)

III. Crucified with Christ (17-21)

7. What misconception about justification by faith did Paul counter in verse 17?

8. What was being referred to that could be rebulit in verse 18?

9. What happens to a person who lives by the law? What good outcome can result?

10. When we accept Jesus what two things happen according to verse 20a? While in this body how are we to live? Why then should we not set aside the grace of God to start living by the law?