1 John 2:3-17 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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This is How We Know
Questions for Study 2

1 John 2:3-17
Memory Verse: 5


I. This is How We Know We are in Him (3-14)

1. Why was it important for the author to emphasize knowing God through obedience to his commands? How should we test ourselves regarding whether or not we have a right relationship with God? How does this refute the folly of the intellectualism that was prevalent then and these days too?

2. How can truth dwell in the heart of a true Christian? What are the sweet consequences of one's obedience to God's commands?

3. What should one practically do if he claims to live in God and to have a right relationship with him? (6)

4. What is the new command that John brings their attention to? (John 13:34) How is the truth of this new command fulfilled by Christ? (John 15:12,13)

5. Who does "our brother" refer to? How does our love or hate toward our brothers show whether we are in the true light that is already shining or in the darkness that is passing? What are the terrible consequences in one's spirit life if he hates his brother?

6. In what way can the Christian family, the family of faith, be referred to in terms of "children, father, and young men" as we consider the qualities found in each of them?

7. Why was it important for the author to point out that the readers already have forgiveness of sins, the knowledge of God, the word of God dwelling in them, and the victory over the evil one? Why should believers in Jesus always be aware of possessing these qualities? And how should they develop them?

II. Do Not Love the World (15-17)

8. What does the world in verse 15 stand for? (16, James 4:4) (It is not the world of people as in John 3:16 or the created world in John 17:24) In what way are the love of the world and the love of the Father the two conflicting forces in a Christian?

9. What are some of the cravings of sinful man that you know of? Why are the lust of sinful man and the boasting of what he has and does easily attracting and motivate the people of the world? What is the original of these?