Zechariah 12:1-14:21 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Lord Comes and Reigns
Questions for Study 5

Zechariah 12:1-14:21
Memory Verse: 13:1


I. Jerusalem's Enemies Destroyed (12:1-14)

1. What will happen to Jerusalem and Judah? (1-2) What will the Lord do for Jerusalem "on that day" when it is attacked? (3-4) What will the people of Jerusalem have to acknowledge? (5)

2. What did the Lord compare Judah to? (6) What will the Lord establish and how? (7) How will the Lord enable Judah's army? (8) Why?

3. How did Jesus' crucifixion fulfill verse 10? (John 19:34-37) Why will there be weeping? Do all respond this way to Jesus' crucifixion?

II. Cleansing From Sin (13:1-14)

4. How is Jesus' blood like a fountain? (1; Heb. 9:11-14) Why was prophets no longer needed after Jesus first coming? (2-3)

5. Why are prophets ashamed? (4-6)

6. How was verse 7 fulfilled? (Mark 14:27) Why does trouble sometimes happen to God's people? (8-9) What is the secret to passing these tests? (Phil. 4:4-7; John 16:33)

III. The Lord Comes and Reigns (14:1-21)

7. What must have those who returned to Jerusalem thought by verses 1 and 2? When Jesus comes again where will he stand first and what will happen there? (3-5) Why might there be no evening? (6-7; Matt. 16:27, 24:30-31)

8. What is living water and where will it flow? (8; Jer. 2:13; John 4:10, 7:37-39) Who is Jesus according to verse 9? And what will happen to Jerusalem when he makes it his capital city? (10-11)

9. What fate awaits those who oppose Jesus now? (12) How will those who try to stop Jesus' coming respond? (13) Who will receive the plunder? (14-15)

10. What is the Feast of Tabernacles and how is it celebrated when Jesus reigns? What will people do when they come to worship Jesus in Jerusalem? (20-21) How should this inspire us today?