Ruth 3:1-18 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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She Lay at His Feet
Questions for Study 3

Ruth 3:1-18
Memory Verse: 4


I. Naomi Instructs Ruth (3:1-6)

1. What does "one day" say about the timing? (1) In spite of what Naomi said on the road back to Bethlehem, what concerned her? In those days what would be true of a young women without a home and a husband?

2. What kind of person had servant girls? (2) How would men winnow barley in those days?

3. What advice did Naomi give Ruth? (3-4) What risks did this advice have? (14) What does it mean to lie at a man's feet in those days? What does Ruth's response tell us about her? (5-6)

II. Boaz Pledges to Secure Redemption (3:7-15)

4. What kind of days was threshing time to a farming economy? (7) What was Ruth careful to do? What could have been her concern?

5. How did the way Boaz awoke show the hand of God in this? (8)

6. Why did she tell his to spread only the corner of his cloak over her? Why was she sure to call him a kinsman-redeemer? Why was it important for her to personal identify him as a kinsman-redeemer? (1:4-5) How are Gentiles' relationship to Jesus similar to Ruth's relationship to Jesus? (Rom. 11:17; Mark 7:26-30)

7. What did Boaz see in Ruth's faith? (10-11) What did Boaz reveal to Ruth and how might he have known that so quickly? (12-13)

8. What two things did he assure happen before she left? (14-15)

III. Ruth Returns to Naomi (2:16-18)

9. What does Naomi's question reveal? (16) What did Ruth tell her? Who was the barley for and what does it say about Boaz? (17)

10. After acting in faith what did Ruth have to do now? (18)