Romans 8:28-39 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Victorious Life
Questions for Study 8

Romans 8:28-39
Memory Verse: 38-39


I. If God is For Us... (28-34)

1. Read verse 28. Meditate on the meaning of each phrase "in all things", "God works for the good", "for those who have been called according to his purpose".

2. Think about a few examples of how God displayed his goodness in history (Gen. 45:4-7, 50:19-20, Ruth 1:11-19, 4:16-22, Job 2:7-10, 42:12-17, Jer. 9:10-14; Acts 2:36). Why does God display his goodness in such ways? (Ps. 100:5, 119:68; Rom. 11:33-36) What is the ultimate good God brings for us? (29) What is the process of God's plan for us? (30)

3. What then would be our response to God? (31) How can Christians absolutely be certain about God's provision in all things? (32)

4. Why can no one bring charge against God's children in regard to God's plan? (33-34) What is the work of Christ for us?

II. Who Shall Separate Us From the Love of Christ? (35-36)

5. In what ways is our conviction in God's goodness tested? (35-36, and 2 Cor. 11:23-29; Ps. 44:22) How does absolute trust in God's love make us victors in life? (35-36)

6. Read verses 37-39. List the obstacles that would hinder people to believe the love of God.

7. To what extent do God's people believe the love of God? (37-39) From this lesson what do you lean about the nature of faith? About the love of God?