Romans 6:1-23 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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New Direction for Our New Life
Questions for Study 5

Romans 6:1-23
Memory Verse: 4


I. Union with Christ in His Death and Resurrection (1-10)

1. Why can we not go on sinning-keep on living the same old life-after being justified by faith? (1,2) What does it mean to be baptized in Christ Jesus ? (3,4)

2. In what ways do Jesus' death and resurrection affect us? (5-10) Why is the basis of our new direction of life? (4:8, Gal 2:20)

II. Dead to Sin, but Alive to God (11-14)

3. Read verses 11-14. Is the battle with sin automatically over when we are born again? Practically, how should we deal with the remains of the sinful desires in our bodies? (11,12)

4. What decision of faith must we make? (13) Why are we to be instruments of righteousness? (14)

III. From Slaves to Sin to Slaves to God (15-23)

5. Read verses 15-23. How is the relationship between masters and slaves demonstrated? (15,16) How are Christians who were set free from sin to live? (17,18)

6. What is the outcome of giving in to sin, living "naturally"? (19a) How can we grow in holiness? (19b-20) What is the outcome of each? (21-23)