Romans 14:1-16:27 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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A Minister of Christ Jesus
Questions for Study 11

Romans 14:1-16:27
Memory Verse: 15:16


I. A Spirit of Unity with one Heart and Mouth (14:1-15:13)
i. Do Everything in the Lord (14:1-12)

1. What conflict arose in the Roman church between Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians? (1-5) What similar problem are occurring today as more and more Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah, and more and more Gentiles are returning to the early church's holy days?

2. What should be the fundamental motivation of believers in Jesus in solving these problems? (1, 6, 9)

3. Why shouldn't believers in Jesus condemn and judge each other? (3, 4, 10-12)

ii. Acting in Love (14:13-23)

4. For what should believers in Jesus make every effort? What should be its motivation?

iii. That We Might Have Hope (15:1-13)

5. What should be the attitude of strong believers in Jesus toward their neighbors? (1-2) In doing this, what pain do they have to overcome?

6. What do we have to remember to overcome the difficulty of building up others? Think about the example of Christ and the hope God gave us.

II. A Minister of Christ Jesus (15:14-16:27)

i. Apostle Paul, a Pioneer (15:14-21)

7. What is Paul's motivation for writing this letter to them? (14-15)

8. What is the grace and power he recieved from God? (16, 18) How did he bear this grace?

9. How do verses 19 and 20 show Paul's pioneering spirit? (19-20)

10. What is Paul's purpose in mentioning his priestly duty and pioneering spirit to the Roman believers at this time?

ii. Apostle Paul, a Missionary (15:22-33)

11. What is Paul's plan for his mission? What are his prayer topics for which he urges the Roman believers to pray for him? Think about Paul's world mission vision.

iii. Apostle Paul, a Shepherd (16:1-27)

12. What are the names and the characteristics of those Paul greets? (1-16) What is his word of admonishment to them? (17. 20) What can we learn from Paul?

13. Who are Paul's fellow workers (21-24) How did Paul treat them?

14. How is the gospel revealed and made known to people? what is the purpose of the gospel? (25-27)

* Through this study, think about two points. First, how can we beak the cultural barriers in accomplishing God's will? Second, think about the challenging attitude that a minister of Christ Jesus must have.