Romans 12:1-13:14 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Questions for Study 10

Romans 12:1-13:14
Memory Verse: 12:1-2


These two chapters are about ethics concerning the relationship between believers and unbelievers as well as their relationship with the country that they are living in. Read the passage and divide it according to the content and gve a title to it.

I. Holy and Living Sacrifices (12:1-2)

1. Why do believers have to offer their bodies as living sacrifices to God? (1) What does it specifically mean to offer a living sacrifice?

2. What is the obstacle in offering oneself as a living sacrifice? Why is the life of "being transformed" and "discerning God's will" so important? What do you have to do to discern God's will?

3. Why is offering oneself as a living sacrifice the basis of ethics?

II. A Believer's Social Life (12:3-13:14)
* Relationship Between Believers (3-13)

4. How is the body of christ formed? (3-5) How should we think of ourselves and of other believers?

5. How are the gifts given to people different from each other? (6-8) With what attitude should we use the gift given to each of us? What is the gift you received from God and how do you use it?

6. How should a believers in Jesus love each other? (9-13)

* Relationship Between Believers and Non-Believers (14-21)

7. What attitude should believers in Jesus have when they have a difficult time with non-believers? (14-17)

8. Why shouldn't believers in Jesus repay evil for evil? (18-21)

* Believers and Country (13:1-14)

9. What kind of attitude should believers have toward the governing authorities? Why should we do like that? (1-2)

10. Why are rulers and governing authorities needed in a country? (3-4) What should be our attitude toward taxes?

11. With what attitude should the rulers rule the people? (4, 6)

12. What should be the basic spirit of relationships with our neighbors? (8-10)