Revelation 7:1-8:1 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Salvation Belongs To our God
Questions for Study 6

Revelation 7:1-8:1
Memory Verse: 10


I. 144,000 Sealed (6:1-8)

1. What is the four corners of the earth? (1) What is the four winds of the earth?

2. What powers were given the angles in verse 2 and what can we learn from this? What must be done before the Lamb's wrath begins? (3) What can we learn from the fact that there are Jesus' people on the earth at this time?

3. Which tribe are the 144,000 from? What is amazing about this fact?

II. They Came Out of the Great Tribulation (6:9-17)

4. What event is spoken of in verse 9? What does it mean that they were wearing white robes? That they were holding palm branches?

5. What did they proclaim? How did God bring about salvation? (Rom. 1:16-17, 13:11; Eph. 1:13-14)

6. What did the angles do? (11) What did they say? (12)

7. What did John want to know? (13) Did John know the answer? (14) Why then might he ask it? (Matt. 7:13-14) What is the great tribulation? What does it mean that so many believers came out of it?

8. What honor is given them? (15) What does it mean that God spreads his tent over them?

9. What did they experience in this life that they will not experience again? (16) How does this spur us onto a life that is pleasing to God?

10. What does it mean that Jesus is our shepherd? What does the good shepherd do?

III. The Seventh Seal -Silence (8:1)

11. Why might there be silence in heaven? (1)