Revelation 4:1-5:14 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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What Must Take Place After This
Questions for Study 4

Revelation 4:1-5:14
Memory Verse: 4:1


I. The Throne in Heaven (4:1-11)

1. What had John been doing with Jesus just before this? (Rev. 1:10-11) What does the fact that Jesus said "what must take place after this" tell us about the seven letters that proceed this event? (1)

2. What does it mean that John was "in the Spirit? (2) Who was on the throne? What does jasper and carnelian look like? (3a) What does the fact that the elders around the throne have thrones and crowns reveal? (3b-4)

3. Visioning the scene around Jesus' throne what can you conclude? (5-6) Who were the "four living creatures"? (7-8; Eze. 1:4-9, 22-28) What do they reveal about Jesus?

4. What can we learn about Jesus in verse 9? How do the twenty-four elders react to Jesus? (10) What do they do with their crowns and what does this reveal?

5. What does the elders praise of Jesus reveal about him? (11) Why is it important for us to remember these things about Jesus especially in times of trouble and distress?

II. The Scroll and the Lamb (5:1-14)

6. What did a sealed scroll in the hand of a ruler in John's day usually mean? (1) Why did it have seals? (2; Matt. 27:65-66) What does it reveal that no one could be found to open the scroll? (3)

7. Why would John weep? (4) Who did the elder describe? (5) How did he triumph?

8. How did the appearance of the one on the throne change? (6) What does it mean that he was a Lamb? (John 1:29-30; Exodus 12:1-11) Who took the scroll from who? (7)

9. What can we learn about our prayers in verse 8? What does it mean that we were purchased? (9) What did he do with those he has purchased? (10) What is revealed about our future?

10. Who else was around the throne? (11) What can we learn about the worthy from Jesus? (12) Who can sing praises to Jesus and his Father? (13) What is revealed about the heart that worships from verse 14?