Revelation 3:1-22 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Letters to Three Churches
Questions for Study 3

Revelation 3:1-22
Memory Verse: 17


I. In Sardis (1:1-6)

1. What do you know about Sardis? (1) What does it mean by "the seven spirits of God"? How can churches have a good reputation, but be dead?

2. Why does it matter that our deeds are complete in the sight of God? (2) How does verse 3 explain what it means to strengthen what is about to die? How is Jesus like a thief? Why will some Christians be surprised at Jesus' second coming?

3. What does it mean when some in a congregation has soiled their clothes? (4, 18, 16:15; Gen. 3:6-7) Why would a follower of Jesus need to overcome? (5-6; John 15:18-21) How can someone in a congregation like Sardis have their name blotted out from the book of life? (1 John 2:18-19)

II. In Philadelphia (1:7-13)

4. What do you know about Philadelphia? (7) What is the key of David? What is promised this congregation and why? (8) Why is it so important to acknowledge the love of Jesus? (9)

5. What are we enduring patiently and why is it a command? (10) What is the hour of trial and why is it a test? How is it that we are given a crown and what does it mean that it can be taken? (11, 2:11; 1 Peter 5:2-4)

6. What is promised him who overcomes in verse 12? What is the new Jerusalem? Why does Jesus say the same thing at the end of each letter? (13)

III. In Laodicea (1:14-22)

7. What do you know about Laodicea? (14) What is Jesus called in verse 14?

8. What does it mean that our deeds can be either hot or cold? Why does Jesus wish his congregation is one or the other? How can our deeds be lukewarm? (16) What does Jesus mean that he is going to spit lukewarm congregations and people out?

9. Why might this church think God was happy with them, even blessing them? (17) How does Jesus correct thier perspective?How can we by true riches from Jesus? (18)

10. When is rebuke and discipline good? (19) What is the result of them? What can we learn about Jesus who knocks and doesn't burst in? (20) What does he mean when he said he will eat with us? What does Jesus promise us in verses 21-22?