Revelation 19:6-20:6 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus' Reign -The Millennium
Questions for Study 13

Revelation 19:6-20:6
Memory Verse: 10


I. Jesus' Bride: The Wedding (19:6-10)

1. Review the fall of Babylon in the previous chapters. What is proclaimed after it falls? (6) What happens at the beginning of the reign? (7) How has the bride made herself ready? (8; Matt. 22:1-14; Matt. 25:1-13) Does this mean that salvation belongs to them? (7:10, 19:1)

2. How does one receive an invitation to the wedding supper? (9; Matt. 22:1-14; Luke 14:15-24) What can we learn about our relationship with Jesus and his Father?

3. What was John stopped from doing and why? How has some worship other servants rather than God throughout the age we are in even to this very day?

II. Jesus the Bridegroom: The Wedding (19:11-21)

4. Who did John see next? (11) How is his coming reign described?

5. Who are the armies of heaven? (14) What comes out of his mouth? (15, Rev. 1:16; Heb. 4:12-13) What does it mean to tread a winepress and what is the outcome?

6. What is another name of Jesus? (16) Who are the kings and lords who rule under him? Are they the kings who will be ruling at that time? (17-18) Why? (19)

7. What is the results of the enemies of God? (20-21) Why do people believe a lie and not the truth?

III. Jesus' Thousand Year Reign (20:1-6)

8. How long will Satan be bound? (1-2) What must happen after the thousand years? (3)

9. Who judged? (4) Who reigned with Jesus for a thousand years? What is this called? (5)

10. What is promised those reigned with Jesus? (6) Where will they reign? What should this promise do to our faith in Jesus?