Revelation 17:1-19:5 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Babylon Falls
Questions for Study 12

Revelation 17:1-19:5
Memory Verse: 10


I. Babylon Described (17:1-18)

1. What do you know about Babylon and why is it compared to a prostitute? (1-3, 5) Was there a city called Babylon when this book was written? What did this prostitute seem to gain from her lifestyle? (4) What does Babylon think of and do to Jesus' followers? (6)

2. What is going to happen that will astonish people who do not believe in Jesus? (7-8) Who is the source of wisdom and thus the understanding of the beast? (9) What two kings are to come? (10-11) What does the horns represent? (12)

3. Who are these kings against? (14) How are Jesus' people described here? What is revealed about the identity of character and end of the prostitute? (16-18) What can be learn from this chapter?

II. Babylon Falls (18:1-24)

4. What did the luminous angel proclaim about Babylon? (1-2) What has and continued to madden nations? (3) What does it mean to come out of her and why? (4-5) What self deception does riches give? (6-7)

5. How will the prostitute end? (8) What will the leaders of the world do when they see her end? (9-10) Why? (11-13) What was their lament? (14)

6. Will the merchants be able to help her? (15) What will be their lament? (16-17a) While the shipping trades be able to help her? (17b) What will be their lament? (18-19)

7. Why was the prostitute judged? (20) Will Babylon ever rise again after it is judged? (21; Dan. 2:35) What was the magic spell used to deceive? (22-23) What truth lie behind this kind of self indulgence? (24) What can be learned from this chapter?

III. Praise for Babylon's Fall (19:1-5)

8. With what attitude did the great multitude shout? (1) What three things are good to shout? Why? (2)

9. What else did the great multitude shout about? (3) Who is the center of this praise? (4)

10. Who was the great multitude? (5) What is a characteristic of their relationship to God?