Philippians 2:1-30 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Imitate Christ's Humility
Questions for Study 2

Philippians 2:1-30
Key Verse: 5


I. From Being United with Christ (1-4)

1. According to verse 1, how can we be humble like Jesus? What does it mean to be united with Christ? How can one be united with Christ? (Rom.6:5-8: Jn. 15:5)

2. According to verses 1-4, what effects does a personal relationship with Jesus produce in us? Why is it important that a Christian be an encouragement to others? How can we have true fellowship or friendship with others. and real tenderness and compassion?

3. Look at verse 3. Why is it so hard for anyone to do this? How can we be so humble and consider others better than ourselves?

II. Have the Attitude of Christ Jesus (5-11)

4. According to verse 5, how can we imitate Jesus? What is the basic attitude of Christ? (6-8) How could Jesus obey God even to death on a cross? Why was this so hard to do? (Gal.3: 13)

5. According to verses 9-11, what was the result of Jesus' humiliation? What should be our attitude toward Christ? What do we learn here about God's view of true humility? (Jas.4:6: Mt.5:5) How can anyone ever become a truly humble person?

III. Continue to Work Out Your Salvation (12-18)

6. In verse 12 why does Paul say, "continue to work out your salvation"? What does this mean? How can we do this?

7. Why does Paul say, "do everything without complaining or arguing"? How can we "shine like stars in the universe"? What was Paul's response to this? (16b-18) Why does he rejoice?

IV. Honor Men Like Him (19-30)

8. Who was Timothy? Why was he so indispensable to Paul?

9. Who was Epaphroditus? What had been his problem? Why does Paul say to honor men like him?