Matthew 27:57-28:20 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Questions for Study 34

Matthew 27:57-28:20
Key Verse: 28:6


I. Jesus Was Buried (27:57-66)

1. Who was Joseph? (23:50-51) How did he show his love for Jesus? How did God use him? Why might his actions have caused him political embarrassment and personal loss? Who else was watching? (61)

2. What were the chief priests and Pharisees afraid of? How did they make the tomb secure? How does this set the stage for the resurrection?

II. Jesus Was Raised From the Dead (28:1-15)

3. Who was Mary Magdalene? (Mk. 16:9; Lk. 27:56, Mt. 27:56; Mk.15:40) What might have been in her heart as she went to the tomb?

4. What happened as the two women arrived? What does verse 2 show about the power of God? (Acts 2:23,24) What did the angel look like? (3) What did he do? How could these things comfort the sorrowful women? What happened to the guards? (4)

5. Look at verses 5 and 6. What did the angel say? How did the angel remind them of Jesus' promise? Why? How did he convince them of the truth of the resurrection? What difference does it make to believe?

6. Look at verse 7. What mission did he give the women? Why is it important to share the news of the resurrection? What promise did he send to the disciples? Why is it important that the disciples meet the risen Jesus face to face? How can we meet him?

7. How did the women respond? (8) How had they changed? As they ran, what happened? What did they do? What did Jesus tell them?

8. In the meantime, what had happened when the guards reported to the religious leaders? What does this show about them? How do their actions contribute proof to the truth of the resurrection?

III. The Great Commission (16-20)

9. What was the situation of the eleven disciples? Why? What did they do? (17) What did Jesus tell them? (18) What should this mean to them?

10. What is the commission he gave them? What does it mean to make disciples? To be baptized? To teach obedience to Jesus? (19-20a) What promise did he give them? Why is this important? (Rom. 8:31)