Mark 2:1-22 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus Came To Call Sinners
Questions for Study 3

Mark 2:1-22
Memory Verse: 17


I. Jesus Heals a Paralytic (1-12)

1. Where was Jesus and what was he doing? Why did the four men carrying the paralytic have difficulty reaching him? How did they overcome the obstacles and bring their friend to Jesus? What can we learn about friendship from them? (2 Samuel 9:1; John 15:13)

2. How did Jesus interpret their unconventional entrance? How did their actions show faith?

3. What did Jesus say to the paralytic? What did Jesus see as the man's most urgent problem? Can you think of any sinful habits or actions that can paralyze people or make them useless?

4. Why were the teachers of the law critical of Jesus in their hearts? How did Jesus answer their criticism and change the man from a useless man into a useful man? What does this reveal about Jesus?

5. How did the ordinary people respond to Jesus?

II. The Calling of Levi (13-17)

6. Who was Levi? What can we surmise about tax collectors of that time? Why were they called "sinners"?

7. Where was Levi when Jesus called him? What did Jesus say to him and how did he respond? What would this mean practically in his life? Why do you think he responded so readily?

8. What does the dinner party in Levi's house reveal about Levi's changed life? About Jesus? About the Pharisees?

III. New Wine Into New Wineskins (18-22)

9. How did Jesus explain why his disciples were joyfully eating, and not fasting? What does it mean to Christians that Jesus is the bridegroom?

10. Why does one not put new wine in old wineskins or sew unshrunk cloth on an old garment? What does it mean to be life an old wineskin? Who were the old wineskins of Jesus' day? Of ours? What is new wine? How can we be prepared to receive it?