Mark 14:1-11 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus Anointed at Bethany
Questions for Study 27

Mark 14:1-11
Memory Verse: 9


1. What was the time and what was the general atmosphere underlying the events of this chapter? What was the significance of this particular time?

2. What unexpected thing happened while Jesus and his disciples were having dinner in the home of Simon?

3. How did those present react to this woman's actions? Why? What is the element of truth in their practical words? What was wrong with their idea? (4,5)

4. How did Jesus respond to her action? Through her action, what did he teach about himself? What was the meaning of her action? Why did Jesus respond as he did?

5. In what respect is Judas a contrast to this woman? What do you think motivated him to betray Jesus to the chief priests?