Mark 12:28-44 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Greatest Commandment
Questions for Study 24

Mark 12:28-44
Memory Verse: 28


I. The Greatest Commandment (28-34)

1. What did a teacher of the law ask Jesus? (28) Why? What did Jesus teach him about God? (29)

2. What is the first important commandment? (30) What is the second one? (31)

3. What was the response of the teacher of the law? (32-33) In what ways was he different from other teachers of the law? How did Jesus bless the man? (34)

II. Whose Son is the Christ? (35-40)

4. What misconception of the people was Jesus correcting? (35) Why? Was not Christ supposed to be the son of David? (Is. 11:1)

5. What Scripture did Jesus quote to make his point? (36,37; Ps. 110:1) What was the response of the people? (37b)

6. What was Jesus' comment about the practices of elders? (38,39) What was wrong with them? (40)

III. The Widow's Offering (41-44)

7. What was Jesus doing? (41) How was the poor widow different from many rich people?

8. What was Jesus' remark on a poor widow? What was Jesus trying to teach his disciples? (43-44)