Mark 10:32-45 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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For Even the Son of Man
Questions for Study 19

Mark 10:32-45
Memory Verse: 45


I. "The Son of Man Will Be Betrayed..." (32-34)

1. Where were Jesus and the disciples going and what awaited Jesus there? How does Mark describe Jesus and his disciples as they walked along the road? Why might the disciples have been astonished?

2. What detail did Jesus share with the Twelve about what would happen in Jerusalem? When had he taught them about his suffering and death before? (See 8:31-32; 9:31-32)

3. Why do you think Jesus repeated this teaching over and over again? Think about the importance of Jesus' death and resurrection. (See John 3:16) Think about how difficult it must have been for Jesus to obey God's will. (See Hebrews 5:8)

II. Even the Son of Man (35-45)

4. How did the disciples respond to Jesus' teaching about his suffering and death? (See verses 35-37, 41) What was in James and John's minds when they made this request?

5. What did Jesus ask them? What is the "cup"? "the baptism"? (Mt. 26:39, Rom. 6:4)

6. What does their "we can" show about their faith and their ambition?

7. What promise did Jesus give and what did he mean by it? What did he refuse and why? What did he teach them about God's sovereignty?

8. What does the indignation of the 10 show about them? How were the disciples like the Gentiles? What did Jesus teach them about how to be truly great?

9. What example can we follow? How did Jesus serve sinful people? What was his purpose in coming into the world? How does this explain the meaning of his death and resurrection?