Mark 8:38-9:13 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Transfiguration
Questions for Study 15

Mark 8:38-9:13
Memory Verse: 2b-3


I. One Who Comes In Glory (8:38-9:1)

1. After Peter's confession of Christ, what did Jesus begin to teach the disciples about the work of the Messiah? (8:29, 31) In 8:38, how did Jesus characterize his times? Why would a disciple be ashamed of Jesus? How are our times like his?

2. What promise about Jesus' future glory and power is embedded in the warning he gave in 8:38? What does this teach us about Jesus' own faith in God's word of promise? What does it mean, practically, to believe Jesus' promises?

II. His Transfiguration (9:2,3)

3. When and where did the transfiguration take place? Why do you think he took only three disciples? Describe the transfigured Jesus. (Compare Rev. 1:13-16)

4. How was this glorious vision of Jesus different from the Jesus the disciples knew? What does Jesus' transfiguration preview? (8:38b) In the light of Jesus' teachings about his suffering and death, what do you think this vision meant to the disciples in the days ahead? (2 Pet. 1:16b; Rev. 1:7)

III. Elijah and Moses Talk with Jesus (4)

5. Who were Elijah and Moses? What did they have in common with each other? What was the significance of their talking with Jesus at this time? What do you think they talked about? How were Elijah's life and times like those of Jesus?

IV. Listen To Him (5-13)

6. How did Peter react? What do his thoughtless words reveal about his real mind?

7. What did the voice of God teach them about Jesus? What was the point of his words? Why did the disciples need this message? What do the words "except Jesus" (8) suggest to us?

8. What charge did Jesus give them on the way down? How did Jesus relate this event to the resurrection? Why? Why didn't the disciples understand?

9. Why did they ask about Elijah? (Mal. 4:5,6a) Who had fulfilled the prophecy? (Mt. 17:12,13) What had been done to him? What does Jesus' response in 12 and 13 teach about the real work of the Messiah?