Mark 6:1-29 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus Sends Out The Twelve
Questions for Study 10

Mark 6:1-29
Memory Verse: 7


I. They Took Offense At Him (1-6a)

1. In verse 1, where did Jesus go? Who was with him? When the Sabbath came, what did Jesus do? (2a) What was people's first response to Jesus' teaching? (2b)

2. Why do you think they were, in the end, offended? (3) What did Jesus say to them? (4) What does the author tell us about in verse 5? What amazed Jesus? (6a) What lessons can we learn here about how we see Jesus?

II. Jesus Sends the Twelve on Field Work Training (6b-13)

3. What did Jesus do next? (6b) Why did Jesus call the Twelve to him? (7a) In what way was this a new stage in his ministry? What must have been his ultimate goal for the Twelve? (3:14; 16:15)

4. Why do you think Jesus sent them out two by two? (Ecc. 4:10) What did he give them? (7b) Why only this?

5. What instructions did he give them? (8-11) What was he trying to teach them about how to do God's work in terms of finance? In terms of people? In terms of their attitude?

6. What did the disciples do? (12) Why is this message so important? What happened? (13) How could the weak disciples do this?

III. Herod Heard About This (14-29)

7. How did the people respond to the disciples' field work training? (14-15) How did King Herod respond? (16) Why was he so afraid?

8. Why had King Herod arrested John? (17-18) Why did he finally have him beheaded? (19-28)

9. What does this event tell us about the times in which Jesus lived and worked? How does it shed light on Jesus' discipleship training?