Luke 13:1-35 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Narrow Door
Questions for Study 26

Luke 13:1-35
Memory Verse: 24


I. Unless You Repent (1-9)

1. What terrible thing did Pilate do to some Galileans? Why did some tell Jesus? What did Jesus teach them about the relationship between sin and suffering? (2-3) What warning did he give? Why?

2. What other tragic event did Jesus mention? How is it different and the same as the previous? How did he reinforece his previous teaching? What should we learn?

3. Why did the man plant a fig tree in his vinyard? How did its lack of bearing fruit describe his ministry? What was Jesus teaching in this parable?

II. You Hypocrite! (10-17)

4. When and where did this event take place? What was the woman's problem? How did Jesus help her? What did she do? What does this reveal about Jesus?

5. How was synagogue ruler criticism reasonable? Why did Jesus call them "hypocrites"? How did Jesus interpret what he had done for this woman? Why were the people delighted, while his opponents were humiliated?

III. What is the Kingdom of God Like (18-21)

6. What are the characteristics of a mustard seed? What was done with the mustard seed in the parable? How is this like the kingdom of God? What do you think the birds in the tree represent?

7. What is yeast used for? Why is it an apt illustration of the kingdom of God? What do we learn about the kingdom of God from these parables?

IV. The Way to Enter the Kingdom of God (22-30)

8. Where was Jesus going? What might have lead the question that was asked? How can we make every effort to enter by the narrow door? (24) Why will some people not be able to enter?

9. Who might insist that they know the owner? Why does he call them evildoers? Who will be at the feast in the kingdom of God and who will be excluded? Where will those who are excluded be?

V. Jesus' Sorrow for Jerusalem (31-35)

10. What advice did some Pharisees give Jesus? Who do you think Herod wanted to kill him? What message did Jesus have for Herod? Who else was this message for? What does it teach us about Jesus?

11. Why was Jesus so sorrowful about Jerusalem? What does this show about him? What promise did he give?