John 6:25-71 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus, the Bread of Life
Questions for Study 8

John 6:25-71
Key Verse: 6:35


I. "Do Not Work for Food that Spoils" (25-34)

1. Why had the crowd come to Jesus on the mountainside across the lake? (2) Why were they looking for him now? (14,15,25) What was the difference?

2. What did Jesus say to the crowd? (26) Why were they so urgently looking for bread? (27) Why can physical bread not be the real solution to man's basic life problem? (See Gen. 3:17, 19; Jn. 5:24; Eph. 2:1,2)

3. How did the crowd respond? (28) What did they mean? What did Jesus teach about the real solution to man's life problem? (29) Did the crowd accept the good news he told them? (30) What did they want? (31)

4. What did Jesus teach them about the bread the Israelites ate in the desert? (32) About the true bread from heaven? (33) What was their response? (34) Do you think they accepted his words?

II. I am the Bread of Life (35-59)

5. What does Jesus mean by "hunger" and "thirst"? (35) What is Jesus' invitation and promise? (36-37) What is Jesus' purpose in coming to this world? (38) What does he teach about God's will? (39-40)

6. How did they respond? (41-42) How did Jesus deal with their grumbling? (43) What does it mean to be drawn by God? (44) How does God draw men to Jesus and to himself? (45-47)

7. Who is Jesus? (48) What does Jesus do for people struggling for the bread problem in the world? (49-50) What did Jesus have to do in order to give us his flesh to eat and his blood to drink? (51-52)

8. What must we do to solve our life problem and have eternal life? (53-58) What does it mean to eat his flesh and drink his blood? (Gal. 2:20; Eph. 3:17a)

III. "To Whom Shall we Go?" (60-71)

9. Why did many disciples turn back from following Jesus at this time? (60,66) What did Jesus teach them to help them believe? (62-65)

10. What did Jesus ask the Twelve, and what was Peter's response? (67,68-69) What does this teach about Peter's faith? How were the motives of the Twelve different from the motives of the crowd who followed for a while, then left?