John 4:1-38 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus Talks with a Samaritan Woman
Questions for Study 5

John 4:1-38
Key Verse: 4:6


I. "Will You give me a Drink?" (1-15)

1. Where did this event take place? How was it that Jesus had come here? Describe his physical condition. Where had his disciples gone?

2. What was unusual about a lone woman coming to draw water in the heat of the day? What kind of woman was she? (17)

3. When she came, what did Jesus say to her? Why would it be hard for a proud Jews to ask a favor of a Samaritan woman? How did this one, simple request help make a life-giving relationship?

4. What was the woman's first response? What were the human barriers between Jesus and this woman?

5. How did Jesus respond to her retort? What is the gift he offered to give her? (10; Rom. 6:23b) Who is he, that he can give this gift?

6. Why was she puzzled by his offer? How is the living water that Jesus gives different from the water in Jacob's well? How can it quench thirsty souls? (cf. John. 1:4; 7:38; Rev. 22:1) How did she respond? What is significant about her asking for his help?

II. Go, Call your Husband (16-26)

7. What surprising thing did Jesus say to her? Why did he bring up such a painful subject? How did the woman answer? What did Jesus say? How did this show his deep understanding of her?

8. When she realized that he really wanted to help her, what did she say about him, and what did she ask him?

9. What did Jesus tell her about God who seeks people like her? About the only one worthy of her worship? About the way of salvation? What did she say? What does this show about her? What revelation did Jesus make that enabled her to drink the living water?

III. Look at the Fields (27-38)

10. What shows that she was no longer thirsty? (28) How did she witness to the villagers? (28,29) What happened because of her witness?

11. How did Jesus explain his loss of appetite to his wondering disciples? Who are the sowers and the reapers? Why did he tell them to look at the ripe harvest fields?