John 21:1-25 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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The Risen Jesus Appears to His Disciples Again
Questions for Study 26

John 21:1-25
Key Verse: 21:12


I. Come and Have Breakfast (1-14)

1. To what does "Afterward" refer? (1a) What had the Risen Christ done in chapter 20? (20:17; 21-22; 27, 28)

2. Where were the disciples now? (1b) Which disciples were there? (2)

3. What were they doing? (3a) How might Peter and the others have felt after fishing all night? (3b) What was their spiritual condition?

4. Why was Jesus standing on the shore that early morning? (4; Mt. 26:32) How did he greet them? (5) How did he restore their fishing failure? (6)

5. What similar event had happened 3 year before? (Lk. 5:4-5) What dream had been born in Peter at that time? How had Peter failed as a disciple? (Jn. 13:37, 38)

6. Why didn't they recognize Jesus? Who recognized him first? (7a) What did Peter do? (7b)

7. What was his attitude toward Jesus? What reveals that his heart was restored? (7, 11)

8. What did the other disciple do? (8) What did Jesus prepare for them? (9)

9. Why did Jesus invite his disciples? (10, 12a) What did find in the net? (11, Lk. 5:6-7)

10. Why couldn't his disciples ask any question to Jesus? (12b) How did the Risen Jesus continue to show his disciples his unchanging love for them? (13; Heb. 13:8; Rev. 3:20b; 2 Cor. 5:17)

II. Feed My Sheep (15-25)

1. After breakfast, what did Jesus ask Peter? (15a) Why did he ask the same question three times?

2. How is this question different each time? (15, 16, 17) (See Mt. 26:33; Jn. 13:37 for Peter's previous confessions of love ad loyalty.)

3. On what basis could Peter's love relationship with Jesus be restored? (1 Jn. 4:19)

4. How did Peter answer? (15, 16, 17) Why was Jesus' question hard for Peter to answer? (Mt. 26:74, 75)

5. How has the basis of Peter's love for Jesus changed? (See Peter's words in 1 Peter 2:24) (Why must we love God?--Think about the Biblical meaning of loving God in Proverbs 1:7)

6. What did Jesus tell Peter to do to show his love for Jesus? (15b, 16b, 17b) What had Jesus taught them about being a good shepherd? (10:11)

7. Why must a shepherd love Jesus first? Why was it important to reinstate Peter as a chief shepherd? (Mk. 6:34)

8. What does verse 18 tell us about Peter's life as a sheep? About his future life and death as a shepherd? What does this life of mission have to do with human freedom?

9. What is involved in Jesus' invitation to mission? (19) What is the alternative to living and dying for the glory of God? Why is the life of mission glorious?

10. What did Peter ask about John? (20) Why? What did Jesus teach him? (21-23) Why must a decision for follow Jesus in a life of mission be a personal matter? (23) Why is this the way to a truly happy life?

11. What does verse 25 show us about Jesus and John's Gospel?