John 16:1-33 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus Teaches the Work of the Holy Spirit
Questions for Study 21

John 16:1-33
Key Verse: 16:13a


I. "But When He, the Spirit of Truth, Comes" (1-15)

1. What did Jesus predict about the disciples' future? Who would persecute them? How? Why? Why did Jesus tell them these things now, not before? (1-4)

2. Where was Jesus going, and why was it to the disciples' advantage that he go? Why could the Holy Spirit not come unless he left? (5-7)

3. What did Jesus teach about the work of the Holy Spirit? Why does the Holy Spirit rebuke the world about sin? About righteousness? About judgment? Think about the meaning of each of these.

4. What else does the Spirit do? (13-14) Why is he called the Spirit of truth? What is the main point of his teaching? How can we receive the Holy Spirit? (Lk. 11:11-13)

II. "After a Little While you will See Me" (16-33)

5. How did Jesus explain to his disciples the meaning of "a little while"? How does the parable of birth apply? What will be the cause of their grief? The cause of joy?

6. What privilege do disciples have because Jesus died and rose and sent the Spirit? How can the joy of the disciple be complete? (22-24)

7. What did Jesus tell the disciples plainly about the Father and about what would happen in the future?

8. What was the disciples' response to his prediction of his resurrection? What would happen to them when Jesus was arrested and crucified?

9. What was Jesus' personal faith and assurance? (28,32-33) What was his confidence about his disciples? What does it mean to us that Jesus has overcome the world?