John 15:1-27 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus, the True Vine
Questions for Study 20

John 15:1-27
Key Verse: 15:5


I. "I am the Vine; You are the Branches" (1-8)

1. What do verses 1 through 5 reveal about the relationship between God and his children? (Isa. 5:1-7, Jer. 2:21 for the Old Testament background of this parable.)

2. In what respects does the vine and branch relationship describe our relationship with Jesus? (1,5) What does it suggest about the importance of commitment? What are the consequences if we break this relationship? (verse 6)

3. What are the two kinds of branches that God either cuts off or trims clean? (2) Why is this done? What does this pruning and trimming mean practically to a disciple? Why do even those who believe in Jesus need this trimming?

4. Read verse 3. What is the function of the word of God in the life of a disciple? (1 Pet. 1:23)

5. Read verses 4 though 6. What does it mean to remain in Jesus? (See verse7; Col. 2:6,7) What does Jesus promise to those who remain in him? What happens when we try to be fruitful without Jesus?

6. How many times is the word "fruit" repeated in verses 1-8? Why is it so important to bear much good fruit? (8; Ge. 1:28)

II. "Now Remain in my Love" (9-17)

7. Read verses 9 and 10. How did God love Jesus? How did Jesus show his love for the disciples? How did Jesus remain in God's love? What, then, does it mean to remain in Jesus' love? What happens when we remain in Jesus' love and bear fruit with the love of God? (11)

8. What did Jesus teach us about how to bear the fruit of love more specifically? (12-13,17) How did Jesus bear the fruit of love? (13) How can we be Jesus' friends? (14) What does it mean to be a friend of Jesus? (15)

III. "If the World Hates You" (18-27)

9. Why are Jesus' disciples hated? (18-21) What must we do when we are persecuted? (26-27) What does Jesus do for us? What happens to those who hate Jesus and his disciples? (22,23)