John 14:1-31 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus; the Way, the Truth, & the Life
Questions for Study 19

John 14:1-31
Key Verse: 14:6


I. "In my Father's house..." (1-4)

1. Read verse 1. Why were Jesus' disciples troubled and anxious? (13:21, 33,38) What did he tell them to do? What does it mean to trust or believe in God (and also in Jesus)? Why would he tell them this?

2. Read verses 2-4. What is the promise Jesus gives here? How does this promise build faith? Why is it important to believe it? To what does Jesus refer when he speaks of his "going"?

II. "I am the Way" (5-14)

3. How did Thomas respond? Why had he lost the way? Are there any modern Thomas'?

4. How did Jesus answer Thomas? Read verses 6. Why is Jesus the way? Why is Jesus the truth? What is truth? (16:28) Why is Jesus the life? (1:4, 5:24)

5. Read verses 6-7. How did Philip respond to Jesus' words? (8) What did Philip think he needed in order to believe? Why didn't he need this at all? (1:18) How can we believe? (10-11)

6. What else do you know about Philip? (6-7) Read verse 12. How did Jesus encourage him? How could Philip do greater things than Jesus? (13-14; Mk. 11:23; 1 Jn. 5:14)

III. Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit (15-31)

7. How must disciples show their love for Jesus? (15) What did Jesus promise to those who love him? What can we learn about the Holy Spirit from the name given him? (16-18)

8. What does the Holy Spirit do for believers? Contrast this with the work of evil spirits in men. (Think about Saul in 1 Samuel.) How can we know God and have his Spirit? (21)

9. What did Judas (not Iscariot) want Jesus to do? Why? (22) Why does Jesus reveal himself to disciples, but not to the world? (22-24)

10. What else can we learn about the work of the Holy Spirit? (26) What promise does Jesus give to those who receive the Holy Spirit? (27) How is Jesus' peace different fro worldly peace? (Ro. 5:1; Gal. 5:22-23a)

11. Read verse 28. Why should Jesus' disciples be glad instead of fearful and anxious that he is going to the Father? Read verses 30-31. Why does the prince of this world, Satan, have no hold on Jesus?