John 13:1-38 Questions by Stephen Ricker
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Jesus Teaches a New Command
Questions for Study 18

John 13:1-38
Key Verse: 13:34


I. Jesus Loved Them to the End (1)

1. What two things did Jesus know as he and his disciples sat down together to eat the Passover Feast? (1,3) What might an ordinary man have been thinking at such a time?

2. What was Jesus thinking about at this serious moment in his life? Think about the words, 'he now showed them the full extent of his love.' (RSV "he loved them to the end"; cf. Rev. 1:8; Heb. 13:8) What can we learn here about Jesus?

II. Jesus Showed an Example of How to Love Others (2-17)

3. How did Satan attack them on this joyful and precious occasion? (2)

4. What did Jesus suddenly get up from the table and do? Who ordinarily did this? Why had none of the disciples done it? Why did Jesus do it? What did he want to teach them about true love?

5. What happened when Jesus reached Peter? How did Jesus emphasize the importance of his washing Peter's feet? Why was it so important that Peter accept Jesus' loving service? (8)

6. How did Peter respond? (9) What was Jesus teaching his disciples about love? About the joy of serving? How can we follow the example Jesus set?

III. Jesus Loved Judas the Betrayer to the End (18-30)

8. Why did Jesus tell his disciples about the betrayer? (19-21) How did the disciples respond to this? What does this show about them?

9. Why was Jesus so troubled in spirit? How did he try to help Judas? What is the significance of sharing bread? What did it mean to give Judas the piece of bread? (Jn. 6:54-55) What is the purpose of Jesus' love?

10. What did the way in which Judas went out signify? What happened to him? (Mt. 27:1-10) What can we learn from this?

IV. Jesus loved Peter in Spite of His Denial (31-38)

11. After Judas left, what did Jesus tell his disciples? (31-33) What unique weapon against Satan's attack did he give them? (34) How can we prove ourselves as his disciples?

12. What did Jesus know about Peter that he didn't even know about himself? How did he help him? How was Peter different from Judas? How could Jesus love his weak disciples to the end?